About Customization

  • What should I do first?

    We recommend downloading the Quick Start Guide to give you an overview of customizing the Parent Cue App. You can download it on the Parent Cue App Overview page.

  • What can I actually customize?

    You can change/edit the text in many of the fields with two exceptions—the “times” cues and the phase cues.


    You can choose to replace the “times” content we’ve provided in the “DO THIS” section with your own content. When you do, the icon for the parents using your app simply says “Do this” instead of the designated time. The Phase Cues are available in partnership with The Phase Project, and are not editable. 


    You can also change the publish date for your content. So if your MS or HS group meets on Wednesdays, but your children’s ministry and preschool meet on Sundays, you can go into the Settings menu and change the start date for each age group.

  • What are the different age groups in the Parent Cue App? Can I change them?

    You can’t change the age groups, but don’t worry—we’ve got you covered. Here are the age groups in the Parent Cue App:

    • Baby (0 yrs)
    • Toddler (1 yrs)
    • Preschool (2-5 yrs)
    • Elementary (K- 3rd Grade)
    • Preteen (4th & 5th Grade)
    • Middle School (6th-8th Grade)
    • High School (9th-12th Grade)
  • What if I don't want to use the videos you provide?

    Videos featured in the Parent Cue App tell a Bible story in creative ways. Videos are only provided in 4 age groups—Toddlers, Preschool, Elementary, and Preteen. When customizing content in the Parent Cue App, you have two options.

    You can load your own customized video to YouTube, and replace the video we have pre-loaded with the Orange content using the YouTube ID of your video. (Note: This is only available for YouTube videos at this time.) The YouTube ID is not the entire URL of the video you loaded to YouTube. It’s only this part of the YouTube URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v+[COPY THIS PART]

    For step-by-step instructions on how to do this, see the video in the Tutorial section.

    Or you can choose to enter a different Bible story and reference. Toggle the video switch to off. When you do, the watch this section of the app will change to a ‘Read This’ section and the video section will disappear. 

  • How does this work if I don't use Orange curriculum?

    When you select an age group and a date, the content is automatically populated for that week. The content that you see is from the Orange curriculum. But you don’t have to use it. Simply replace our content with your content. It’s that simple. We’ve provided the house and the structure, you decorate it with your words.

  • How can I create notifications? Where do they appear?

    With the Parent Cue from Orange Apps, you have the ability to send specific age groups in-app notifications. These notifications are visible when people open their app. Got a camp registration deadline you want to communicate? Send a notification. Got a meet up at the park for your families? Send a notification. While we don’t want to overload parents with notifications, it is a great way to get specific messaging to parents of kids in a certain age group within your church.

    The Orange Apps Notification Center allows you to:
    • Send notifications to one specific age group, more than one age group, or to “all”
    • Schedule a notification to be sent out on a specific day and time (time shown in EST)
    • Add a link in the notification

    Sent notifications appear inside the Parent Cue App only. When parents open the app, they will see a bell in the top right corner of the app with a badge, alerting them of a notification.

  • Why do I run out of space when I'm entering my content?

    We know parents are busy and need content in practical, bite-sized amounts. While it’s tempting to enter a lot of content, this can appear overwhelming. We have character count restrictions to make sure your content looks as clean and simple to parents as possible. Our goal is to help parents interact with their kids, not to give them a lot to read.

  • What if I replace the text provided by accident or change my mind and want to go back to the provided text?

    If you decide you want to use our default content, simply go back in and select the age group and date. Above each entry field, you will see a button that says “reset content.” Simply select it and the default content will repopulate the boxes.

  • How does the content for Middle School and High School work?

    When you select the content for MS or HS, you will see content from XP3 loaded into the available fields. This content is tied to a specific series and follows the suggested series order from XP3. If you choose to do a different series within XP3, you can simply select that content and schedule it for the week you choose. Or if you are teaching your own series, you can simply create your own content and replace the content provided.

  • Why can't we add custom video for the MS/HS grade group in the Parent Cue app?

    While the Parent Cue app does contain videos for the toddler through preteen phases, videos are not provided for teens in the middle and high school phases. Why? The answer is tied to a child's development. At the middle and high school phases, we believe the goal is for a teen to begin to own their faith. We want to help parents to move into more of coaching role for their child's faith, and provide assistance and encouragement as needed or requested. That’s why the content is designed more to engage that age group in faith conversations, as well as info to help families understand how a teen is processing the subject matter.

  • Why can't I reorder the content for Preschool and Elementary?

    Due to the flexible and customized nature of student ministry, we offer the content arranged in topic series. It may fit your student ministry better to rearrange the order or insert a series of your own. In preschool and elementary, the lessons support monthly Life Applications that are designed to build upon one another. While you can customize with your own content per week, the sequence of the Orange preschool and elementary curriculum cannot be changed.

  • How far ahead should I enter my content?

    App content is loaded into the system roughly six weeks before the “live” date. For example, the June week 1 content is loaded into the app by April 15. This allows you to work 4-6 weeks ahead of time and schedule out your content for the upcoming month.

  • What happens if I miss a week of entering content? Do my parents miss that week of lessons?

    There is always content in the App, whether you choose to customize it or not. So if you have a crazy week and just can’t get to it, don’t worry. We’ve got your back.

  • Why can’t I customize the Phase content in the App?

    The Phase cue content is made available in the Parent Cue App from the Phase Project. As part of that agreement, we do not allow customization of this copyrighted content. For more information about the Phase Project, visit http://justaphase.com.

  • Can I customize age groups in the Parent Cue App?

    Because of the phase-related information and the structure of the Orange curriculum, you are not able to edit the age groups in the Parent Cue app or the app customization. You also are not able to create new groups. The complexity of adding this feature to the app customization for Parent Cue is high. Our current age group structure covers the following:
    Babies=up to 1 year
    Toddlers=1 to 2 years
    Preschool=2 to 5 years
    Elementary=Kindergarten through 3rd Grade
    Preteen=4th and 5th Grades
    Middle School=6th, 7th, and 8th Grades
    High School=9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th Grades

  • How can I preview the content I’m customizing in the Parent Cue App?

    While parents can only view the content for the current week, as someone customizing the content for the Parent Cue App through your Orange Apps account, you have the ability to preview the content you are loading for future weeks.

    In the actual Parent Cue App, log in with the same email address and password as your Orange Apps account.

    Then, in the Parent Cue App, go into the Settings menu. You will see a new option—”Content Week.” This allows you to preview a future week of customized content. Simply enter the month/date/year you want to preview.

    NOTE: This feature is only visible when you log in using an Orange Apps primary or secondary user address and password. This feature is not visible to anyone else—including the parents connected to your church through the app.

About the Parent Cue App

  • How do I tell families to sign up for our version of the Parent Cue App?
    If your parents are already using the app, they will be notified to update it. They will then be prompted to create an account and select their church. There is a database of churches already in the App, and once parents associate themselves with your church, they will receive your customized content. If a parent is downloading the app for the first time, they will go through the same process. Also, we have created a number of resources to help you promote the Parent Cue App. Click on the App Promo Kit on the Parent Cue App Overview page.
  • Are there instructions for parents on how to use the PC App?

    We’ve created two resources that give parents instructions on how to set up their Parent Cue App—a downloadable PDF and an online video (at YouTube). The PDF has a section where you can enter your church name and address before making copies, so parents can search for your church when setting up the app. The PDF is included with the Parent Cue App Promo Kit on the Overview page. 

  • How do I register my church if it's not showing up in the Parent Cue App?
    If your church uses any Orange curriculum or has a subscription with Orange Apps (orangeapps.church), you won’t need to do anything for it to show up in our Parent Cue App church-finder. If you don’t use Orange Curriculum, your church won’t show a return on a search. If you believe there is an error, please let us know and we’ll make sure you’re added!
  • What do I do if the information about my church is incorrect in the Parent Cue App?
    If the information about your church showing up in the Parent Cue App is incorrect (address, church name, etc), contact us and we’ll get it corrected!
  • What do the different fields mean?
    Watch This: contains a video of the Bible story Say This: words to help parents articulate the truths from that week’s content Read This: Bible story for preschoolers Remember This: contains a Memory Verse for the week/month/series. Think About This: things to keep in mind on how a middle schooler processes and applies the truths from that week’s content Talk About This: ways to dialog with your high schooler to help him or her with the truth’s from that week’s content. Ask This: questions to ask your preschooler.
  • What do the times mean in the “Do This” section of the App?
    We believe in helping parents make the most of the times they already have with their child. The times for each age group are geared towards cueing parents with words or actions in the moments that are part of the everyday routine of that phase.
  • Can parents share their account with other family members?
    In the Parent Cue App, you now are prompted to create an account. If for any reason, your app is deleted. You can simply log back in using the username and password you created, and your child(ren’s) info will repopulate the app. However, at this time, we do not have the ability to share that information. So if another parent or family member downloads the app, he or she will need to create their own account and enter their child(ren’s) information separately.

About My Account

  • I need to give other people access to customize our content. Can I add them to my Orange Apps account?
    Yes, you can. Select "Orange Apps" in upper right corner, then click on the “Users” in the top navigation bar. From there, you can add a user. An email invitation will be sent to them, and they will be prompted to set up a password. (Email didn’t arrive? Tell the person you invited to check their Spam or Junk folder. Sometimes the invite email ends up in there.)
  • Our church has multiple campuses, do we need more than one account?
    If you are a multi-site church, there are some definite advantages to have a different account for each campus, like . . . the ability to send campus specific notifications within the app the ability to customize content for your specific campus the ability for parents to select your specific campus when setting up their Parent Cue App if you also customize Lead Small, the ability to sort through individual groups for just one campus instead of all campuses That’s why we feel that creating an account for each campus will provide the best experience for both you, in Orange Apps, and for the families who download the Parent Cue App and small group leaders who download the Lead Small App. If you’re hesitate to create multiple accounts because of the cost, we do provide a multi-site discount. Contact our Orange Apps specialist for a special code that you can use for additional campuses. But here’s the reality—you can also to have one single account and encourage parents to select one campus when setting up the app. There’s just more potential for confusion for both parents and small group leaders.
  • I need to change my email address. How can I do it?
    Click on your profile in the top right corner, then click on Settings. On the next screen, on the left sidebar, you will see three menu items. Select Profile. From there, you can change your contact information.
  • I need to change the credit card I’m billed to monthly, or update it with a new expiration date. Where can I do that?
    Click on Settings. On the left sidebar, click on Organization Settings. Select Payment Method. From there, you can change your credit card information.
  • I want to add another App to my customization. Do I have to sign up from the Orange Apps site, or can I just add it on to my account?
    If you are a current Lead Small or Parent Cue Orange Apps customer, and want to add the other resource, go to Settings. Select Organization Settings. Then select Billing. From there, you can manage your current subscription plan or add to it.
  • Our church requires an invoice with expenses. How can I get one?
    Click on Settings. On the left sidebar, click on Organization Settings. Select Invoices. From there, you can see/print your invoices.
  • How do I replace a Team Owner on my account?

    Contact PartnerSupport@thinkorange.com and they would be happy to 
    make this change for you.

  • I want to cancel my subscription.
    Is there anything we can do to get you to stay? If so, contact us. But if not, we completely understand. We’ve made the cancellation process simple. Go to Settings. Select Organization Settings. Then select Billing. From there, you can cancel your Orange Apps subscription.
  • I still have a question.
    Don’t see an answer to your question here? Don’t worry. There are real live human beings working for Orange Apps. Simply go to click the Contact Us button at the bottom of the page, give us some additional information, and we’ll help you find the answers you need.

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