Have a question about Parent Cue App Customization? Many of your questions can be answered in the Customization Guide. If you have additional questions, see below! If you don’t find the answer you’re looking for, feel free to contact us—we’re always happy to help!

About Customization

  • Where should I start?

    We recommend downloading the Customization Guide to give you an overview of customizing the Parent Cue App. Click here to download it!

  • What can I actually customize?

    Weekly Content: You can change/edit the text in many of the fields with a few exceptions—the “times” cues, the Parent Cue links, and ads. 

    Church Landing Page: You can create a Church Landing Page where you can add links to your church’s website, social media channels, and online giving. You’ll also be able to send news through notifications to parents connected to your church and add upcoming events with clickable registration or information links.

    Start Days: You can change the publish date for your content. So if your Middle School or High School group meets on Wednesdays and your preschool and children’s ministries meet on Sundays, you can go into the Settings menu and change the start date for each age group.

    Define Your Own Age Groups: As you add ministry info to the app, you can define what age groups that ministry covers. And, you also will have the option to define which age groups receive what content. 

  • What are the different age groups in the Parent Cue App? Can I change them?

    Yes! Here are the default age groups in the Parent Cue App:


    • Baby (0 yrs)
    • Toddler (1 yrs)
    • Preschool (2-5 yrs)
    • Elementary (K- 3rd Grade)
    • Preteen (4th & 5th Grade)
    • Middle School (6th-8th Grade)
    • High School (9th-12th Grade)


    If your ministry is structured differently, you can customize the age groups under Church > Manage Family Ministries.

  • Can I swap out the videos you provide with my own?

    Yes! Videos featured in the Parent Cue App tell a Bible story in creative ways. Videos are only provided in 4 age groups—Toddlers, Preschool, Elementary, and Preteen. When customizing content in the Parent Cue App, you have two options.


    You can load your own customized video to YouTube, and replace the video we have pre-loaded with the Orange content using the full YouTube URL of your video. 


    Or you can choose to enter text in that section by selecting “text content.” 

  • Why do I run out of space when I'm entering my content?

    We know parents are busy and need content in practical, bite-sized amounts. While it’s tempting to enter a lot of content, this can appear overwhelming. We have character count restrictions to make sure your content looks as clean and simple to parents as possible. Our goal is to help parents interact with their kids, not to give them a lot to read.

  • Why can’t I add my own video to the Middle School/High School age groups?

    While the Parent Cue App does contain videos for the toddler through preteen phases, videos are not provided for teenagers in the middle and high school phases.

    Why? The answer is tied to a child's development. In the middle and high school phases, we believe the goal is for a teenager to begin to own their own faith. We want to help parents to move into more of a coaching role for their child's faith, and provide assistance and encouragement as needed or requested. That’s why the content is designed more to engage that age group in faith conversations, as well as info to help families understand how a teenager is processing the subject matter.

  • When is the default Orange content loaded into the system?

    Parent Cue App content is loaded into the system approximately 4-6 weeks before the “live” date. For example, content for August is loaded into the Content Management System by late June/early July. This allows you to work ahead of time and schedule out your content for the upcoming month.

  • How can I update our church name or address that appears in the Parent Cue App?

    To update your church name or address that appears in the Parent Cue App when families search to connect with your church, please contact partner support at partnersupport@thinkorange.com

  • What if I have a family who wants to delete their Parent Cue app account?

    Breakups are hard but we want to make this super easy for them. Send them to this page, have them enter their email address, and their account will be deleted within 48 hours. 

About the Parent Cue App

  • Where can I send parents to learn more about the Parent Cue App?

    You can have them visit theparentcue.org/app

    We also have a free Promo Kit available to help you spread the word on your website, social channels, and in your physical environments. Download the promo kit here.

  • What’s the best way to tell families that our church is customizing? Are there step-by-step instructions?

    Encourage parents to sync with your church in their app!

    When parents download the app, they will have the option to sync with your church during the signup process. They will use their location or enter a zip code before typing in your church's name.

    Don't see your church listed? Contact us!

    Once parents sync with your church, they will access your church landing page (we’ll get to that next), where they can stay connected with the ministries and information relevant to their family. 

    You can promote the Parent Cue App to the families in your church using the Parent Cue App Promo Kit (available for free at OrangeLeaders.com). 

    You may also want to make promoting the app a key part of kids moving up in your family ministry or adding it to welcome kits for new families.

  • How do I register my church so that it shows up within the Parent Cue App?

    If your church uses any Orange curriculum or has an Orange Apps subscription, you won’t need to do anything for it to show up in our Parent Cue App Church-Finder.

    If you do not have an Orange account, your church may not show up. Contact us to be added! 

  • What do I do if the information about my church is incorrect in the Parent Cue App?

    If the information about your church showing up in the Parent Cue App is incorrect (address, church name, etc), contact us at PartnerSupport@thinkorange.com, and we’ll get it corrected!

  • Can parents share their account with other family members?

    Our system does not have a way for parents to add multiple users to an app account. Parents can choose to share their login information, but that is up to their own discretion.

  • Where are the weekly Phase Cues?

    These have been temporarily removed from the app. We still believe understanding a child’s phase is important. We just feel like parents need more… and our team is working on adding more phase information into the app for an update later this year.

About My Account

  • Can I add other admins to my account so they can customize content?

    Yes! Select "Orange Apps" in the upper right corner, then click on the “Users” in the top navigation bar. From there, you can add a user. An email invitation will be sent to them, and they will be prompted to set up a password. (Email didn’t arrive? Tell the person you invited to check their Spam or Junk folder. Sometimes the invite email ends up in there.) Still having trouble? Contact us.

  • Our church has multiple campuses—do we need more than one account?

    If you are a multi-site church, and each campus has their own operating budget, we would encourage each campus to have their own account. The advantages having a different account for each campus are:


    • the ability to customize/define ministry age groups for your specific campus
    • the ability to send campus specific notifications within the app 
    • the ability to customize teaching content for your specific campus
    • the ability for parents to select your specific campus when setting up their app 


    If you’re hesitant to create multiple accounts because of the cost, we do provide a multi-site discount. Contact PartnerSupport@thinkorange.com for a special code that you can use for additional campuses. 


    Here’s the reality—you can also have one single account and encourage parents to select one campus when setting up the app. There’s just more potential for confusion for both parents (and small group leaders if you customize the Lead Small app) if each campus is doing things a little differently.

  • How can I change my email address, manage my billing and/or print invoices?

    Click on your name in the upper right corner and then go to ACCOUNT. From there, you can update your email address, change your password, manage billing, as well as view past invoices.

  • How do I add Lead Small app to my customization?

    If you currently subscribe to Parent Cue App Customization and want to add Lead Small App Customization, click on your name in the upper right corner and then go to PROFILE. Then select SUBSCRIPTION. From there, you can manage your current subscription plan or add to it.

  • How do I replace the Team Owner on my account?

    Contact PartnerSupport@thinkorange.com and they would be happy to  make this change for you.

  • How do I cancel my subscription?

    Is there anything we can do to get you to stay? If so, contact us at partnerSupport@thinkorange.com. But if not, we completely understand. We’ve made the cancellation process simple. Click on your name in the upper right corner and then go to PROFILE. Then select SUBSCRIPTION. From there, you can cancel your subscription. You’ll continue to have access to your customization account until the end of your current billing cycle, but you will not be charged moving forward.

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