Want to find a simple “how to” answer? We’ve cut up the overview video into bite-size bits (like candy bars, yum). Simply watch the “How To” video to find out how to do what you need to do without a lot of extra information. 

Manage Church Page

Your church has a new location…
in the Parent Cue App!
Set up your information today.

Manage Church Events

Find out how to create events for your family ministry in the app!

How to Send News/Notifications

Send a notification to one age group, or all. Find out how.

Manage Family Ministries

Let families learn more about the age group ministry their child is connected to.

Admins/Account/Parent Cue Settings

Change the day content loads, view billing info, add admins, and much more.

How to Customize the Weekly Faith Content

Every week, Parent Cue will provide faith content. You can use our words, or add your own.